Madagascar 2014

Kitesurfing trip to Madagascar
Tana is a city built around two defendable ridges. That castle was where princess was living View of city with poultry Steep narrow streets Lots of colonial cobblestone in various states of disrepair
Women often carry stuff on their heads Every sidewalk is a marketplace At first sight I thought that these outdoor sausages were marketed as "Gassy"  which would make sense in 30C temperature. Gasy is just short for Malagasy style Rich live on top of the hills and the lower you go the dirtier it gets
Lots of fresh veggies and spices. There is only one western style store ShopRite and even that is rather small. There is a mall Le City where there is a full size supermarket but that is 10,000 Ariary cab ride ( about $4) Lots of ancient French cars as cabs Mangoes, Tamarinds and tires :) Lots of alleyways with small kids playing in serious sewage and dirt. Don't think they ever need to worry about alergies.
There is no running water in majority of houses so people come with containers and collect it at this city pump. Guncha buying vanilla, cinnamon and experiencing the market These kids were racing down the hilly street on homemade skateboards / carts View from Aina hotel window. Across is a row of Indian owned jewlery shops. This street has no lights . At night there are homeless people sleeping everywhere iand it is rather dicey to walk around
Monument to Ho Ji Min who is a brotherly leader in fight against French colonialism. Stunning lake and those magenta flowered trees which keep on dropping sour water on your head. Similar to redwoods Angel Noir Our flight from Tana (Antananarivo) to Diego (Antsiranana)
Arriving at Sakalava Bay Bungalow 16 is mine. It has one big bed with mosquito net and shower/ toilet.  Fan helps when it gets really hot Common area where we eat , have internet access and enjoy breeze while being in shade. There is a family of lemurs 6 or 7 which come to visit
Their main attraction is to get some carrot from kitchen or drink water from outdoor shower Amazing balance and jumping ability IMG 20141015 065827772 HDR Lizard about 10" long
Visiting baobabs Most of the land is covered in bush which is mostly thorny bushes and open grassy areas Sakalava Bay - our hotel is located where those boats are pulled out Lots of erroded limestone sticking out
Walking along the beach is zebu which is a longhornded domesticated cow relative often represented as zebu steak on menu Kiteboarding setup happens about 100 yards down the beach P1070039 P1070041
We were fed 3 course meals since we opted for "full pension" . Next time "a la carte" should be picked to avoid overeating. Guncha getting ready P1070060 P1070067
P1070068 P1070069 P1070071 P1070072
P1070073 P1070074 P1070075 P1070076
P1070077 P1070078 P1070081 P1070082
P1070083 P1070084 P1070085 P1070086
P1070087 P1070088 P1070090 P1070092
P1070096 P1070122 P1070125 There were not many fish compared to Hawaii or other places. They leave abandoned nets and there were quite a few fishermen here.
Fisherman comes back The view This outdoor shower is main reason lemurs come by. The drink from the hose as water is luxury around here. Crabs were everywhere . At night you could not walk without stepping on them
We go looking for baobabs in thorny bushes This one looks healthy Mangroves